Brazilian 100% Virgin Hair Water Wave 3 Bundles Hair + 4x4 Lace Closure-9A

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1. What’s virgin human hair?

Virgin human hair is ALWAYS Remy hair, but Remy hair is not always Virgin Hair! Remy hair is usually refered to the medium quality hair which comes from different donators while Virgin hair refers to the hair from one signle donator which guarantee the same texture and feeling of a wig.

Virgin is featured as following:

★100% natural human hair

★cut from the donor in one ponytail

★no chemical proc

★can be shampooed, dyed, styled and conditionedess

★never been permed, colored


 2. Why does the wig get tangled?

There are few reasons why the wig gets tangled, such as hair oil, dryness , dirt, sweat, chlorine and not combing properly. To avoid tanglement and keep it smooth, make sure to wash & condition your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better.


3. How long does it last?

 It depends on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it. 
Normally it can last longer than 1 year.

4. Can the hair be dyed, permed?

 Yes, it can. As a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighten the hair, we recommend
to dye darker since it is difficult for the original colour to fade. Bear in minid that improper dying will ruin the hair. It is recommend to have the hairdresser dye the brazilian virgin hair. If you prefer to dye at home, please use a good quality wig and test a small strand of hair first.

To prolong the wig's life, do not dye, perm or straightened the hair too often.

5. How to identify the human hair?

 It is easily to see this for yourself when you receive your product. Simply remove a few strands of hair and burn them.  Human hair has natural proteins, so it is reduced to ash and produces a foul smell when it is burned. However, synthetic hair melts into a sticky ball when burned, so it is very easy to tell the difference. Moreover, human hair may have a few gray hairs or split ends. This is not a quality problem. It is very natural.

6. How to protect your natural hair while wearing wig in your daily life?

A. Avoid nylon and cotton caps which will absorb moisture and could damage or dry your natural hair.

B. The caps should be comfortable and not too tight. If you use hair clips, install them carefully so they don't snag hair during removal.

C. A good quality moisturizer will protest the hair from becoming dry and brtittle, while too much could cause clogged pores and eventually hair loss. 

D. Never wear your wig over wet or damp hair as this could cause bacteria or mildew to form. 

 To gain more tips about how to care for your wig, check our facebook page:


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I love it but it was the wrong lent I order!!! I'm gonna stay with it because it's feels good....I order before from the store in Brooklyn by the kings plaza mall side on flatbush...I sure will order many more💃🏿💃🏿

Wasn’t satisfied

The closure was short and the hair wasn’t the type of water wave I was looking for.

Satisfied customer

I purchased the Brazilian water wave 9A100% human hair. To my surprise I was able to lighten and tone it while maintaining the texture of the hair. I was also checking to see if it would shed excessively, and it didn't. I was so satisfied that I placed a larger order and became a wholesaler.


Satisfied customer!

Amazing hair

The hair is so silky and soft❤️🥰doesn’t get tangled and closure lays so nicely


I absolutely love this hair and the seller! The whole time, they kept in contact with me. I ordered it on Thursday and received it on Monday. The hair is such good quality. I can't wait to install it! I would definitely buy from here again!