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Regular price $572.32

9A--body wave--12 inches--unit price $21--2 bundles=$42

9A--body wave--14 inches--unit price $26--2 bundles=$52

9A--deep wave--12 inches--unit price $21--2 bundles=$42

9A--deep wave--14 inches--unit price $26--2 bundles=$52

9A--water wave--12 inches--unit price $21--2 bundles=$42

9A--water wave--14 inches--unit price $26--2 bundles=$52

9A--straight--10 inches--unit price $15--1 bundles=$15

9A--straight--12 inches--unit price $21--3 bundles=$63

9A--straight--14 inches--unit price $26--3 bundles=$78

10A--4X4 closure body wave--12 inches--unit price$22--1 bundles=$22

10A--4X4 closure straight--12 inches--unit price$22--2bundles=$44

Shipping DHL fee from China to Lagos=$68.32

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